• Multi Vu/Around Vu Camera

    Multi Vu/Around Vu Camera


    ·720p HD images up to 360 view

    ·Newly developed 1.3 megapixel MOS sensor

    ·360 view,quad,dual panorama,single mode view

    ·Section views(2-partition mode,3-partition mode)

    ·Spot zoom function

    ·Morphing view/PIP(Picture-In-Picture)

      Secures driver safety while driving.

    ·PGL(Dynamic & Static):supports parking guideline overlay through OSD.



    Mode: VT-9185H/9186

    Number of Video Mode:Far Rear/Multi

    Sensor Resolution:1.3M pixel

    Sensor Technology:CMOS

    Sensor Size:1/3”

    View Angle:170°

    Audio/Video Interface:6pin waterproof connector

    Total Length of Cable:20m

    Digital Zoom:8x

    Built-in Devices:Microphone

    Operating Ambient Temperature:-20℃--+60℃

    External Color:White/Silver/Black


  • The World Most Compact IOT Platform with HD Video Quality

    The world most compact IOT platform with HD video quality,multi channels HD video colection,GPS option

    Product Description

    • The wold most compact all weather proof multi channel HD video IOT platform and be able to sensor record transmit and control remotely by end user.

    •Could server with hot expansion ability to support unlimited end users.

    •Powerful playback software base on windows android IOS enable the customer administrate and analysis base on the BIG DATA collected by this device.


    Technical Data

    •Analog cameras and megapixel IP cameras input

    •Dual core ARM CPU running linux embedded 3.0

    •Analog resolution:960H,D1,HD1,and CIP

    •H.264 Video encoding

    •Dual streaming video for low-bandwidth applications

    •Support for USB air card(3G/4G)

    •Lockable,removable storage tray

    •Built-in shock and vibration absorber

    •PTZ control

    •Web-based client software

    •Integration with microsoft active directory


    Multi Channels HD Video Collection

    Record the multi HD videoimages help to identify vital details such as license plates,driver actions and road features which may prove your innocence.Additionally it is more difficult for your video evidence to be thrown out in court due to tampering.


    Multiple Connectivities

    •Bluetooth 4.0

    •USB 3.0 Caddy for the fastest video file access and retrieval


    •Built-in GPRS/3G/Edge/CDMA/LTD Modules

    •RFID Tag Reader


    Multiple Connectivities


    •3 axis G sensor detection



    •PH value



    Event Tracking

    Save any points of alarm and get the events notified and marked.The system can be used for Hi-speed data uploading and downloading gathered evidence event to or from the internet.


    GPS Option

    The GPS sensor assures speed,acceleration and allocation.It enables data to be stored together with your video data;then use the supplied video player software(PC) to watch the recorded video.The system binds your route to google maps and displays all of the dynamics there.

  • AHD Rear View Camera


    The AHD rear view camera featuring a 140°--160°wide angle million pixel lens along with a 1/3” sony progressive scan CMOS image sensor.It supports 720P(1280 x 720) resolution over RG 59 coaxial cable.This camera has 4 “Giant” infrared LEDs that allow it to capture video in low light environments. The AHD rear view camera includes image enhancing features such as digital zoom,digital WDR,digital noise reduction and smart IR.

    High image quality at the resolution of 720P/1080P

    The technology uses a progressive scan while forming a signal and division of brightness and color components of an analog signal:that allows eliminating a blur and blinking,improving a color reproduction.

    Long distance of a network laying without quality losses

    Video data is transmitted without quality losses at the distance of 500m.

    Qualitative video without latencies

    No signal latencies,indicative for IP-systems.

    Reliable and inexpensive connection

    AHD data transmission technology doesn’t lay a big claim on a coax cable quality.That’s why any available cable can be used for data transmission,including a composite one.

    Modernization of An existing system without extra charge

    AHD video recorders can be easily integrated in an existing video surveillance system, in this case old analog video cameras can be replaced with AHD ones without any difficulties depending on a speed of a system modernization.

  • AHD Rear View Monitor

    AHD Rear View Monitor
    AHD Rear View Monitor

    Functions and Features:

    AHD rear view monitor is designed for large-scale construction machines with 24V operating voltage. It features wide input voltage(DC12-32V) and provides 12VDC output voltage to rear view camera.AHD high definition digital display,can connect to megapixel HD camera showing a new full HD mode while it is compatible with traditional camera.Touch screen is optional.The input signal of AHD camera can be zoomed by 4 times at any area on the monitor and you will see partial image clearly.AHD rear view monitors use original LCD screen with wide button,better touch,featuring vivid color,fast reversing, stable system. The monitor housing is made of imported raw materials PVC,praying the imported original anti-abrasive ad anti-alcohol paint in order that it is wearable and anti-aging.

  • 7"/10"AHD Digital Quad Monitor

    AHD Digital Quad Monitor

    ٠ Single view/split view/three view/quad image view selectable totally 8 different

      view modes.each camera can be full displayed when it is triggered;

    ٠ Blue backlight keypad will help drivers to see and operate accurately at night or

      low light situation;

    ٠ OSD MENU separately set each camera trigger priority;

    ٠ OSD MENU separately set each camera reversing image delay time 0-30s;

    ٠ OSD MENU separately set each camera image can be rotated to mirror or normal;

    ٠ 1 cable solution system make it easy for users to install and use the device in any


    ٠ 4 color trigger wires(reversing/turn left/turn right/front)are used for automatically

      showing image full screen when it is activated;

    ٠ Color system:NTSC/PAL(AUTO)

    ٠ Display resolution:2400(H) x 480(V)dot

    ٠ Support four camera inputs:1.0Vp-p75Ω

    ٠ Wide view angle(CR:10):(up/down):45/65(left/right):65/65

    ٠ Brightness(cd/m2):400(automatically adjust according to ambient light)

    ٠ Contrast ratio:500:1

    ٠ Operating temperature:-20℃ -- +70℃

    ٠ Storage temperature:-30℃ -- +80℃

    ٠ Load dump:DC14 + 87V(Td400ms) 5 pulses

    ٠ Free operating voltage:DC11-32V(system power max.20W)

  • Sunlight Viewable LCD Panel

    Excellent image quality;excellent thermal management;anti-glare protection glass technology

    Excellent image quality

    At VDT,a truly sunlight readable display is typically considered to be an LCD with 1800 nits or greater screen brightness with a contrast ratio greater than 5 to 1. In outdoor environments under the shade,such a display can provide an excellent image quality.

    Excellent thermal management

    Any high brightness backlight system will consume a significant amount of power,thereby increasing the LCD temperature. The brighter the backlight,the greater the thermal issue.Additionally,if the LCD is used under sunlight,additional heat will be generated as a result of sunlight exposure.VDT successfully lower the heat through proper themal management design.

    Anti-glare protection glass technology

    An anti-glare(AG) coated protection glass, a microscopically rough surface laminated onto the topmost of display can diffuse glare. The chemically etched glass that has a slightly textured finish can reduce reflection by scattering light directed on its surface. It can soften the image of direct light sources visible in the reflection of the viewing area.

  • Demisting Technology

    Demisting technolgoy

    Due to fog,rain,haze,dust,bad weather cause a series of bad effects such as the ineffective image,decrease image contrast,and distant target blurred.By optical or digital signal processing technology to improve image contrast,so we can receive good quality of image and visual experience.


    •Good permeability.The image through the demisting technology has good contrast.

    •Details keep a high degree.Through demisting technology can continue to retain or even enhance the details that are in the mist.

    •Increasing the ability of color saturation and restore to make images colorful,lively and bright.

    •No tone distortion.

  • Around View Parking

    Around View Parking

      The Around View Monitor System shows a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, so the driver can tell at a glance the relationship among the vehicle,parking lines and obstacles. Intuitive images helps guide the driver in smarter parallel and garage parking.



    Panoramic image, the camera can rotate automatically.

    No blind spots in the 360-degree

    Ultra-wide-angle shot like 180-degree wide viewing angle

    LED high light subsidy function

    Seamless, correction and panoramic view of the integration of automatic calibration

    Scenarios Directory

    Side of the parking

    Parking in garage

    Narrow road

    Steep front view

    Low barriers

    Blind eye when turning